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i love books. i love every kind of book. i just want to hug them all but i can't. can't hug every book, can't hug every book. (to the tune of "can't hug every cat."

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Crushed - Sara Shepard
Please don't be Noel be dead, please don't let Noel be dead, please don't let Noel be dead. Because if he is, we'll never get any answers to anything regarding his relationship with Ali. Also, I like Noel and do not want him to be dead.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really like this series. You can scream "THE AUTHOR IS MILKING THE FRANCHISE" at me as much as you would like, but you can't change how much I like it. It's fun, and it has interesting characters, but best of all, it keeps me on my toes. I have no idea who A is. Absolutely no idea. If I had to put my money on someone it would be Mike, simply because he's been a character in every single book, but as far as I remember, he's never had ONE BIG STORYLINE to himself. He's there, both as Aria's brother and Hanna's boyfriend, so he is an insider with the girls, and probably knows more than he lets on. But really, I don't know who A is.

This series is fun and entertaining, and I'm not gonna like it any less because it has 13 books.

One more thing: a new life goal. One day I'm gonna sit down and reread all the books in the series from the start, and make a timeline over everything that happens. It's impossible to remember who was Alison and who was Courtney and who did what. I'm confused a lot.(less)