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Noel Kahn - dead or alive? And who is A?

After finishing Crushed (Sara Shepard), #13 in the Pretty Little Liars series, I've read a couple of posts around the internet about it.


Everyone seems to assume that Noel Kahn is dead. And after that ending, I understand why. I didn't read it as that. It never said if he was alive or not, just that Aria didn't want to look, so I assumed he was still alive.


Of course, when I think back on it, he must be dead.


  • It was obviously the A-Team who beat him up like that. They wouldn't do that and leave him alive, knowing that he must've seen them, or heard them. No matter how much he found out when he was attacked, in A's eyes, he knows too much.


Noel must be dead, because A would never leave him alive knowing as much as he do.


So, who is A? So much evidence was pointing towards Noel.


If I had to put my money on anyone at the moment, it would be Mike. Mike, Aria's little brother and Hanna's boyfriend. Mike is around them a lot. He was around when Ali/Courtney was around. He must've picked up a few things along the way. 


Hopefully, a few of my questions, especially regarding to Noel, will be answered in December when Deadly hits the shelves. Hopefully, but probably not.