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City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare

To start of: This series is turning into a soap opera.


The good thing about that? I'm addicted to soaps.


You can even see it on the titles. It went from the basic "City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass", to the very overdramatic "CIty of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire." As I said, this doesn't bother me that much, because as I said, I love the overdramatic, but I did notice it.


This will probably not be my most coherent review, as it will just be me writing down most of the notes I took during my reading, and expanding on them, and trying to put them in a order that makes sense.


There is a lot of kissing in this book. A lot. So much kissing. I love complicated romantic stories and reading about relationships, but the amount of that in City of Lost Souls overwhelmed. Of course, nobody writes kissing scenes like Cassandra Clare, so it could be worse.


Now that I'm talking about relationships: How much do people actually care about Maia and Jordan? I like them (although them getting back together is highly problematic), but I really don't care that much, and multiple times I feel like their relationship issues take up time that could be spent with characters I'm actually invested in. Like that scene where Maia says they should talk and I thought "Yay! Development!, and then they didn't talk at all. Was that really necessary? Again, I don't dislike them, but I wish their relationship had been toned down a few notches.


Let's continue with the relationship talk. Clary and Jace. Now, I'm not gonna lie, I have never really liked Jace. He didn't exactly grow on me in this book (how could he, when he wasn't even himself?), but their relationship did. For the first time, in that chapter where Jace was himself again for a short while I found myself believing that their realtionship was as real and their love as consuming as Cassandra Clare has tried to make me believe for four boks now. Kudos.


Of course, talking about love, I can't not mention Magnus and Alex. Sigh. Siiiiiigh. And I was really starting to like Magnus, too. I prefer Alec to Magnus, so yes, I do feel defensive over him. That does not mean I do not understand why Magnus broke up with him. I understand very, very well. The fact that he thought about it and talked about with Camille was awful and it sucks, but the fact remains that he didn't go through with it and was gonna decline. And I like to think that counts for something. Magnus finally snapping was of course inevitable, even if Alec hadn't done what he did, because he does a lot for the shadowhunters and barely gets any "thank you"s. It will be interesting to see how they cope in City of Heavenly Fire without a high warlock by their side. It will be challenging, I'm sure. (but magnus will probably show up sooner or later anyway (hopefully sooner)).


And now, for something that has nothing to do with relationships: I LOVE ALL THE INFERNAL DEVICES REFERENCES! That needed caps-lock. Especially the whole "A Tale of Two Cities" scene, that killed me. That is one thing that concerns me about all the new series that she has planned, she won't be able to drop all these hints around, unless she already has, and we don't pick up on them because we haven't read it yet? That is of course a possibility, and I certainly hope so, but I highly doubt it.



Simon got his time to shine! I am so proud of him for calling the angel. I'm very worried that he might die now that he doesn't have the mark anymore, but hopefully everything will work out.

Sebastian is a horrible person and I absolutley hates his guts. But I think it is hilarious that his plan is to literally burn down the world. It sounds like a joke ("I'm mad! I'm gonna burn down the world!"), but he's so serious. Oh, Sebastian.


Maureen as the leader of the New York clan? YES! Although I am kinda upset that Camille is gone, believe it or not. I like the idea of her and Magnus, not that I think they should be together, but the idea of other lovers coming and going, but them always being drawn back together, not even in a romantic way, and that no matter what they will both always be out there. It's hard to explain.


I KNEW ROBERT LIGHTWOOD WOULD COME BACK, I CALLED THAT! I also thought (or hoped) the last scene of the book would be the Lightwoods (Maryse, Robert, Jace, Alec (after coming home from the break up) and Isabelle) eating icecream, in a room full on tension because everyone is working through their own issues, but at least they are together as a family again. But I can't have everything.


Okay, rant over. I'm excited and nervous for City of Heavenly Fire. Bring it on, Cassandra Clare.