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Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare
A good ending to a very strong series.
In this book we finally get to see how the battle against Mortmain and his clockwork creatures comes to an end, and, argueably more important, we get to see how the (rather tedious at this point) love triangle sorts itself out. 
Characters that (I think) should've died didn't die, and characters that actually died didn't matter. There was one character that passed away rather early in the book, and I cared a lot about this character so it was very bitter for me, especially when it didn't affect the story or the characters at all. It would've been nice to see a reason behind the death, and maybe even a thirst for revenge. 
The first half of the book was disappointing, with a weird pacing and a lot of unnecessary plot points that in the end didn't matter, like Cassandra Clare just wanted to fill her pages with something so she could sell a long book. Everything picked up in the second half, although I found the final battle very anti climatic and too short, like any other small unnecessary battle.
In terms of plot this book was weaker than both Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Princes, but the dialogue and the character driven plot lines were great. When reading I found myself highlighting all the Will/Jem quotes, because as much as I love the other characters in this book, their relationship drives the series, and it's very heartbreaking but fun to read about.

I cried during most of the second half of the book. The ending was strange, maybe a little cheap. I didn't mind to much, and I'm definitely going to miss this series. Fingers crossed for a movie adaption!