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A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) - George R.R. Martin
(Okay, I lost control in this review. It was literally written at 3.00 am. and I had just finished the book. It starts off alright with a good idea and I was planning on writing about maybe five characters, and then all over sudden I'd written about more or less everyone. Not literally of course, as that would take me years, but a lot of them. And I ramble a lot.)

It was great, it really was. There were some new characters introduced, and I enjoyed them all. There were almost no chapters/POVs I found boring or repetitive, like I usually do.

I'm not gonna make a long list over all the characters and what I thought, but here are some general thoughts that I feel like highlighting on some of their characters and their chapters, if they were POV characters.

Bran - Bran's story has always been kinda boring. It's always been like I care a lot about him as a character, but I don't care about his story. However, in this book that all changed and I started caring about where he was going and what was going on around him, and I'm so excited to see the future of this storyline. (and love Jojen and Meera and Hodor, so...)

Quentyn Martell - Nothing like I expected him to be when I first heard about him. I really liked his character, which surprised me, because I thought I'd be so bored by him. That ending was so unfair!!!! He deserved so much better.

Jon Snow - What the frick happened to you after becoming Lord Commander? You were such a charming, interesting, nice, fun guy, and now you're very, very, very annoying and rude and angry and sullen and your chapters are annoying. But I do hope he survives and goes back to being all sweet again.

Daenerys - I like her a lot, but her chapters can be so repetitive. I feel like I have no grasp on her country or culture, and I just really want her to go to Westeroes and get in there!

Tyrion - *yaaaawns* (both because of Tyrion chapters and because it's currently 2:43 am). I don't know what to say. I've been rewatching the TV-show and I find myself liking Tyrion a lot more the second time around, but unfortunately Peter Dinklage isn't in the books. *sadface* It's not that it was really boring all the time; I liked Penny and it was great seeing Jorah again (and hearing him talk about Dany is always nice), but I kept expecting them to meet up with Dany (like a face-to-face conversation) and it didn't happen!! 

(I know what you're thinking - 'how did she survive Part 1 if Jon, Dany and Tyrion chapters are her least favorite?' Honestly, I don't have the answer to that. It wasn't as bad as I make it sound.)

Young Griff - (I'm not gonna say the "real name" because of spoilers.) Do I think he's the real deal? No, probably not. Do I think he'd make a kick-ass king? HELL YEAH! He's been trained for it and when it comes to skill and sense of duty and personality he is perfect king material. Nobody ever needs to know he's a faker (if that's what he is.) He'd make a great king. Do I want him to rule the Iron Throne? I'm very conflicted. For one, I am a firm believe that the rightful heir should be just that, the rightful heir. Making it either Stannis or Dany, depending on how you look at it. But I also want the best for the country, and I truly believe that's him. He can rule with Dany at his side, or Margaery (suddenly shipping that!), or maybe Shireen (once she get's older of course). I want that.

Barristan Selmy - I wasn't even going to write about him but suddenly I had typed out his name and I don't know why. I liked him a lot, he's a nice and honorable character that I think is really good for Dany, and she needs someone who genuinely cares for her, and he does that, and that's great.

MISSANDEI - MY LITTLE DARLING GIRL WHO DESERVES CAPS LOCK. WHAT A LITTE SWEETHEART YOU ARE, MAY NO HARM EVERY COME TO YOU. In fact, I want to kidnap you, Princess Shireen (my little darling #2), Tommen and Myrcella and place you somewhere safe for the rest of the war. This world doesn't deserve you.)

Arya - Can't believe I always forgot Arya. So intense!! Her storyline is going these insane places and it's so interesting, because it's so different from everything else, and it's like nothing we've seen before! Love it. But I do hope she is reunited with Jon&Rickon&Bran again, because I want my Stark's together, dammit. 

Theon - I'm still mad at him for actions in the past, but I felt so bad for him this book. I felt sick everytime one of his torture chapters came up. He seemed very far gone, so I was surprised when he suddenly could go back to mentally being Theon, I thought it was never happening. But I still want him to die. Sorry.

Cersei - The thing about Cersei is that I can't help but love her. She's awful, and I know it, much worse than in the TV-show, but she's so kick-ass, and I couldn't help but feel really bad for her in this book. I don't think everything's gonna work out (because let's be real, when does anything ever work out in these books?), but I hope she can find some kind of peace with herself. 

(and a quick shoutout to my faves Sansa, Rickon, Margaery and Loras who weren't actually in the book - I miss you guys!)

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