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Seven Minutes in Heaven - Sara Shepard
I don't think I've ever read three books in a day before. Not counting the ten pages I read on the 5th, and the 1/4th of this book that I finished over midnight now on the 7th, of course.

Is this top notch amazingly well written literature? No. But is it aiming to be? I don't think so. 

What we should be asking: Is this a suspenseful, action filled, exciting read that will keep you very entertained and at the edge of the seat? Absolutely. And I think that's an important point to remember when dealing with this series.

My rating goes more for the series overall, thinking about how entertained it has kept me and how I've finished most of these books in under a day, but I did truly think this was one of the best books in this series. (I almost added "so far." Sigh.)

The killer... was predictable. I'm not gonna say "I CALLED IT SOOO LONG AGO", but let's be real. This person was the only person left who hadn't been a proper suspect in any book. It couldn't really be anyone else. Still, I really liked the way it was revealed, it was super scary, and I loved who came to Emma's aid (Mercer girls For The Win!).

A couple of times during this book I cried, and I'm not ashamed. Maybe a little ashamed. Funerals are sad, okay?

I'm glad that this series is over and not being like 20 books long (*cough*Pretty Little Liars*cough*), but I'm gonna miss it. Crossing my fingers for a spin-off, because really, what the hell was the point of mentioning a twelve-year old secret sister if she wasn't gonna have anything to do with the actual story? And I want to see if Emma and Garrett ends up together, because I'm secretly (or not-so secretly) rooting for them.

I still like the Pretty Little Liars books better than this series, but they're both worth a read if you like being tortured waiting for a reveal.