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The House of Hades - Rick Riordan

I spent most of today reading this book. I had two major breaks (took notes to ten pages in history and went to the movies), but other than that I mostly just read. And what a book it was.


It's 03:00 am and I actually have plans tomorrow, so I'm not gonna write a review or a rant or anything, but I did enjoy this a lot. It was better than Mark of Athena, because it focused less on the romance that in the previous book almost overshadowed the plot.

Sometimes it was a little bit all over the place and I missed some proper group scenes with all of them together (it was always either two or three of them together and then the rest sleeping/staying on the boat), so it wasn't perfect.


The characters really made this book for me, especially Nico. It was fun (or maybe interesting is the better word) getting to know more about him and more about the different aspects to his character. He is absolutely one of the best characters in the series. Other than that, stand-out POVs were Leo's (with his newfound romance) and Hazel's, just because Hazel is awesome. I wish Piper had been in it more, because I love Piper to death, but maybe in the next book!


Speaking of the next book, another year?! *groans* That's not unexpected of course, but I still wish it was sooner.